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Front End Ring

Since my new reel design has a fixed spindle, it requires a front end ring instead of a full front end plate. Here is the sequence of steps to produce a thin end ring for a raised pillar reel. Starting … Continue reading

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Ratchet Teeth

When I made my first reel design, I had to find a way to make a serviceable ratchet. First there was the problem of what material to use; this blog has several post on material testing. But there was also … Continue reading

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Aluminum End Plates

I have been having trouble making end plates for my “aluminum frame reel”, and had to scrap a couple of parts that were nearly finished. The problem was pillar lugs that were not symmetric. At 1.5 inch radius, an 0.1 … Continue reading

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Fixtures for Spool End

After deciding that the expanding mandrel (previous post) was inadequate, I started thinking about ways to support the spool end blank at its rim. Axial runout must be minimized. This is what I made and think works well. Here you … Continue reading

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Roughing End Mill

I will be building several copies of my “Aluminum Frame Reel” this winter, and I am beginning to think about quicker ways to move metal. At present I have 0.1 hp lathe and mill from Sherline. I think that the … Continue reading

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Using the Foot Fixture

This post is of interest to anyone who bought my plan set at The Eclectic Angler, and will be making the foot fixture of drawing 1015. I started to use the fixture this morning and went through a “deja vu” … Continue reading

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Milling an S Shaped Crank

My first design for the reel crank (here in brass) was too “heavy” in the middle. So back to the drawing board. Here I have reduced the diameter of the center circle, and moved one small inside radius to make … Continue reading

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Milling a Reel Foot

There is a standard for the shape of a reel foot, and I observe it to a reasonable degree. To hold the stock for initial sizing and drilling, I have made vise jaws with rabbets. The standard calls for an … Continue reading

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Gear Cutting

As I started to fish my newly made reel this spring, I found that the original ratchet and pawl were wearing quickly, as evidenced by brass particles inside the reel back plate. I posted this problem to Rod and Reel … Continue reading

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