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One Piece Spool

For some time, I have been plotting how to make a one piece spool. My spools so far have been assemblies. The difficulty is the limited power and size of my Sherline lathe and mill. Recently I am developing a … Continue reading

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A Lesson in Burr Removal

When metal is cut, a sharp edge is often left. Part of making a useable product is removing any sharp edges or (even worse) burrs. Even very small details of parts may have detrimental burrs. —— When I developed my … Continue reading

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Way Covers

The Sherline lathe has leadscrews that are under the bed and cross-slide; these need no separate way covers. On the mill, the X and Z leadscrews are similarly protected, but the Y axis leadscrew is exposed to falling swarf. For … Continue reading

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Front End Ring

Since my new reel design has a fixed spindle, it requires a front end ring instead of a full front end plate. Here is the sequence of steps to produce a thin end ring for a raised pillar reel. Starting … Continue reading

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Ratchet Teeth

When I made my first reel design, I had to find a way to make a serviceable ratchet. First there was the problem of what material to use; this blog has several post on material testing. But there was also … Continue reading

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Aluminum End Plates

I have been having trouble making end plates for my “aluminum frame reel”, and had to scrap a couple of parts that were nearly finished. The problem was pillar lugs that were not symmetric. At 1.5 inch radius, an 0.1 … Continue reading

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Fixtures for Spool End

After deciding that the expanding mandrel (previous post) was inadequate, I started thinking about ways to support the spool end blank at its rim. Axial runout must be minimized. This is what I made and think works well. Here you … Continue reading

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