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Thrust Bearing Test

If we were perfect fishermen, our reels would not need any provision for thrust loads on the spool (i.e., loads in the direction of the spindle axis). A fish on the line creates a torque on the spool, which we … Continue reading

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Hardness Test

On 15 Dec 2012, I posted about some aluminum rod stock that was supposed to be 7075, but might be something else because it did not anodize properly. I theorized that it might be 2024 (a known poor anodizer) because … Continue reading

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Pawl Testing at Higher Speed

This is the seventh posting in this blog on durability testing of ratchet and pawl materials. Previous posting are: 1. Picture of tester based on a “gearmotor”, 25 rpm (30 May 2010) 2. First results from tester (22 Aug 2010) … Continue reading

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Two More Plastics for Pawls

Someone brought Ertalyte and Ertalyte TX to my attention as possible materials for pawls. The data sheet properties looked promising, so I bought a small quantity of each and made pawls. I tested these on the low speed tester, as … Continue reading

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Pawl Wear Test, Higher Speed

My original pawl wear test (post of Nov. 16, 2010 ) used a gearmotor that ran at 20 rpm.  The wear pattern on a pawl showed an impression on the flank of the pawl where each ratchet tooth initially made contact, … Continue reading

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Pawl Wear Test, Redone

Refer to earlier posts titled “Results of Pawl Wear Test” (Aug 2010) and “The gearmotor that wasn’t a gearmotor” (Sept 2010). After discovering a possible misoperation of my first pawl test fixture, I built a new tester using a real … Continue reading

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The gearmotor that wasn’t a gearmotor

First of all, I must say that the pawl test data that I previously posted (Aug. 22, 2010 : Results of Pawl Wear Test) cannot be relied upon. I now realize that the “gearmotor” that I used for this test … Continue reading

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Loctite Assembly of Spool

My first reel design has a multi-part spool: anodized aluminum for the spool ends and copper alloy (bronze) for the shaft. I could have saved weight by using an aluminum shaft, but I could not reconcile myself to having aluminum … Continue reading

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Results of Pawl Wear Test

Some background for this post is in a discussion on Rod and Reel Maker’s Forum. The discussion made me think of using plastic for the pawl. (In my reel design, replacing a worn pawl takes only a screwdriver, for backplate … Continue reading

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Life Test of Pawl and Ratchet

To find better materials for the ratchet and pawl, I made this test fixture from a 25 rpm gearmotor. Initially the ratchet is 642 bronze and the pawl is 6061T6 aluminum. I expect the aluminum to wear quickly. May try … Continue reading

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