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Bronze Frame Reel – Spindle

I make spindles from stainless shaft material that is already ground to a fine finish. It is important that this part screws all the way into the Rear End Plate. There is a thread relief counterbore in the plate, but … Continue reading

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Reel 37 Spindle

I have been making spindles from stainless shaft material, which is pre-ground to an accurate diameter and smooth finish. The screw that secures the spool is of c792 nickel silver (12% Ni) which is an excellent free machining material.

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A Lesson in Thermal Expansion

The “Fixed Spindle Reel” is my first design with a bushing that runs the length of the spool. I make the bushing of either Delrin or acetal copolymer, and it rides on a spindle of stainless steel. The fit of … Continue reading

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Making a Washer Flat

At the base of the spindle, my reels have a thrust washer. It is meant to take any axial forces generated during cranking. If this washer is thicker on one side than on the other, the spindle will not sit … Continue reading

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