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Ferrule Tool Alignment

I have made more than 200 of the ferrule shrinking tools and have had only positive feedback on their performance, until recently. Paul had borrowed a tool from me and was able to tighten the ferrule fit on several rods. … Continue reading

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Magnetic Base

This is my new magnetic base for indicators, and I am finding it to be very useful. It is just the right size for use on MiniLathe and MiniMill and has plenty of articulation. All the joints tighten when you … Continue reading

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More MiniLathe Tooling

I have used a Sherline lathe for about 9 years to make reel parts. In that time I developed many fixtures to facilitate lathe operation. Now that I am converting to a MiniLathe, new tools are needed. Here its a … Continue reading

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Mill Alignment

A feature of my new “HiTorque Mini Mill” is that the column (supporting the head) CANNOT be tilted to allow drilling at an angle. This lack of tilt is a positive feature because it means that there should be no … Continue reading

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Starrett 196

This is a “Dial Test Indicator Back Plunger Set”. A friend gave it to me for minor services rendered. It appears to be complete, as all the recesses are occupied. The indicator has a plunger rod sticking out the back, … Continue reading

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Rotary Indexer

I recently bought Sherline P/N 8700, “CNC Rotary Indexer”. It consists of three units. The first is the standard 4 inch rotary table, but with a stepper motor attached. Here you see it set up to cut teeth on a … Continue reading

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Fixtures for the Fixed Spindle Reel

These are the fixtures and modified tools that I use to make the Fixed Pillar Reel. Like yesterday’s post , this one supports an upcoming plan set. There is nothing new here, I have just brought it all together in … Continue reading

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