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Presentation Reels

These are engraved reels that I made for a friend from High School days, to be presents for companions at an annual outing. Frames are bronze, spools are aluminum with electroless nickel plating.

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Brass S-Crank

This reel, serial number 72, will probably be a one-off. I have given up trying to make batches of reels to sell. It is 3 inches across pillars. Because it is mostly brass it is heavy, 7-1/8 ounce. Only the … Continue reading

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A “Perfect” Reel Configuration

An iconic reel design is the Hardy Perfect. I have never had one in hand to photograph but I did borrow a Hardy Bougle from a friend, and it is the same thing except that the frame is raised pillar … Continue reading

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Inefficient Use of Material

I am starting a reel with a winding plate, similar to a “Perfect”. Here are the aluminum parts. Left: spool, 25 grams from a 233 gram blank (10.7%). Right: frame, 42 grams from a 391 gram blank (also 10.7%).

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Engraved Reels

My engraver is now operational; here are the first reels. This is the same bronze frame design I have made for more than 2 years, but with some porting holes left out to make room for lettering. This is the … Continue reading

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Bronze Frame Reel

I made this reel for an acquaintance from the “Grayrock” rod builders meeting. It is really the same design as the Brass Frame Reel that I recently posted, but downsized for WF3F and 30 yards backing. It would also hold … Continue reading

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Brass Frame Reel

This is my new model for 2014. It was designed to hold a WF5F and 60 yards backing. It weighs 5.1 ounces. Had the frame been aluminum, the weight would be less than 3 ounces. The spool is still aluminum, … Continue reading

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One Winter’s Production

A mix of sizes 2, 3, 4. Now I am ready to prototype next winter’s model.

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Reel 37 Plans

I have not made a post recently but I have been busy making reels. To keep the blog going, I will make a series of posts showing the several detail drawings. Lacking a name for this design, I will just … Continue reading

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Size 4 Reel, One Piece Frame & Spool

Just finished a reel for WF4F line. It is 2.53 inch diameter and 2.8 ounce weight. I will use it on the fiberglass rod that I recently built. This is just a larger version of the last reel that I … Continue reading

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