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Wire Bending

Here is the latest variation on my reel click design. I have used this basic pattern for a long time. The spring is a round wire and the pawl has a groove that acts as a cam against it. Click … Continue reading

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Ferrule Shrinking

On May 7 I made a post about electroplating of nickel. This can be a protective finish for reel parts, but it can also be used to increase the diameter of a male rod ferrule that is loose. I was … Continue reading

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A Riveting Experience

The click mechanism for my reels mounts to the reel backplate by three posts; two are spring pins and the third is a pivot for the pawl. For some time now, I have fastened these by custom made screws. For … Continue reading

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Milgrain Tool

On the tool post is a milgrain tool. More specifically, it is a lathe milgrain tool, to distinguish it from even smaller milgrain tools used by jewelers. This tool has a one quarter inch diameter wheel and a one eighth … Continue reading

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Metal Spinning

This post is about an experiment with an unsatisfactory result. But we learn from failures, perhaps more than from successes. I am interested in making spool ends for reels by metal spinning. The goal is to make a spun spool … Continue reading

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