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Bronze Frame Reel – Spindle

I make spindles from stainless shaft material that is already ground to a fine finish. It is important that this part screws all the way into the Rear End Plate. There is a thread relief counterbore in the plate, but … Continue reading

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Bronze Frame Reel – Pillars and Screws

I have been making pillars from nickel silver. The two pillars that fasten to the foot have cross drilled holes that are off center. This helps balance the Front End Ring with the heavier Rear End Plate. I buy 18% … Continue reading

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Spindle Crank

I keep a shaft collar clamped on the rear spindle extension of my lathe. It provides a grip for a small “gear puller” that I use to unlock MT1 fixtures from the spindle. The only time that I remove the … Continue reading

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Starting a Threading Die

I am finishing end plates, and that involves a lot of tedious hand work and a lot of waiting for the tumbler to do its job. There is a feeling that no progress is being made. So as a remedy, … Continue reading

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For my first reel, I used stainless flat head machine screws to assemble the frame. This was expedient. For the group of 5 reels that I am now making, I want the appearance of “gun screws”, which have a simple … Continue reading

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