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Power Hacksaw

Before milling or turning, stock typically needs to be cut to length. My first tool for this task was a handheld power bandsaw lashed to a plywood frame. This worked quite well, and is still functional. The reason that I … Continue reading

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New Band Saw

This has been my cutoff saw ever since I started metal working. It is just a handheld bandsaw lashed to a homemade plywood frame. It has been quite satisfactory on flat bar stock and rod stock less than 1.5 inch … Continue reading

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Diamond Toolholder

Somehow the Diamond Toolholder (a.k.a. Tangential Toolholder) came to my attention and I thought it sounded like a great idea. Uses a standard 1/4 inch HSS bit, easy to sharpen, easy to adjust height. So I put my money down. … Continue reading

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Lathe Bit Grinding

I find that high speed steel (HSS) lathe bits cut more smoothly than any carbide bits, brazed or insert. HSS bits cut best when freshly sharpened, a task that I have dreaded. My grinder is typical of the “home improvement … Continue reading

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Cut-Off Saw

Most of the raw material for my reels is round or rectangular section bar stock purchased in 1 foot lengths. To size it for mill or lathe work, I need a saw. While I own a Delta bandsaw, I prefer … Continue reading

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An end plate or end ring for a raised pillar reel has many details, so many things can go wrong. One preventable error is failing to center a counter bore on a drilled hole. When I started the raised pillar … Continue reading

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Starting a Threading Die

I am finishing end plates, and that involves a lot of tedious hand work and a lot of waiting for the tumbler to do its job. There is a feeling that no progress is being made. So as a remedy, … Continue reading

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