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Bronze Frame Reel – Knob

Here is the knob and its mounting hardware. The purpose of the pan is to keep leaders from getting wound around the pin, under the knob. The 5-40 thread on the pin has to be cut as close to the … Continue reading

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A Bullet Shaped Knob

This is the knob shape that I have adopted for recent reel designs. The profile is a concave curve. I like the appearance, and it provides a positive grip. Last night I was talking to a prospective customer and the … Continue reading

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Radius Turning with the Compound Slide

“Any tool can be the right tool.” – Red Green I put a “waist” on a reel knob by moving the tip of a lathe tool bit through an arc. The radius of this arc is 1.8 inches and makes … Continue reading

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Wood Stabilization

When a reel is specified to have a wood knob, I typically finish the wood with Tru-Oil. Then one reel came back to me with a tight knob. I know that it originally rotated freely; the wood must have shrunken. … Continue reading

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Knob Selection

While finishing this reel, I made a selection of knobs. Briar, Brazilian Tulip, Rosewood, Alternative Ivory, Turcite X, Black Acetal (on reel). Macro shot of the wood knobs: Briar, Tulip, Rosewood Update 2 March 2015: Two more, ebony and maple … Continue reading

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Reel 37 Bushing, Knob

The bushing is pressed into the spool, and rides on a .2500 inch diameter spindle. For a good running fit, I finish the bushing bore with a “standard” 6.4 mm (0.252 inch) reamer. This is a close enough fit that … Continue reading

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Shaping the Knob

The knobs on my reels have just been simple cylinders. They might look better with some shaping, perhaps a “waist”. Here is a material blank mounted on a mandrel, ready for turning. I want to make a concave arc cut … Continue reading

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I am getting down to the final details on the first two reels of my winter 2011-12 production. This week I am making knobs of a variety of materials. This is “Alternative Ivory”, a plastic substitute for the real thing. … Continue reading

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