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Fitting Reel Foot to Seat II

This post is additional material to my post of 15 June 2015. In that post, I did not say enough about the interface of the reel foot and the reel seat sliding ring. Here again I am discussing “cap and … Continue reading

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Bronze Frame Reel – Foot

The foot is made mainly by milling operations. The challenge is sequencing these operations so that the part can be clamped. Only recently did I figure out how to cut the top surface with my lathe. Earlier posts on the … Continue reading

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A Foot Fixture for the Lathe

Since starting this hobby in 2010, I have built about 50 reels. For every one of these, I shaped the top of the reel foot with a vertical mill using this rotary table fixture. This is a labor intensive process … Continue reading

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Fitting Reel Foot to Seat

This is my presentation for Grayrock 2015, on the fit of a reel foot to a reel seat. For an earlier post on this same topic, see 28 July 2014. This presentation considers “cap and ring” seats like this, although … Continue reading

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Sole of the Foot Revisited

In Sept 2011 I made a post on shaping the groove in the bottom of a reel foot. Part of the problem was that the groove radius needed to be about 0.35 inch, and the largest ball end mill that … Continue reading

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Top of the Foot

I delivered the Bronze Frame Reel (blog post of July 14) to a rodmaker acquaintance, who was making himself a new 3 weight rod just for this reel. He had chosen a CRNS reel seat from REC Components, but found … Continue reading

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Reel 37 Foot

The foot is entirely made on the mill, except that I use the lathe to turn a sanding mandrel for the bottom surface. For the many posts on machining the foot, go over to “Categories” at the right edge of … Continue reading

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