Ferrule Shrinking

I again have ferrule shrinking tools available for sale. They are still $89. Priority Mail shipping (Small Flat Rate Box) in US is $8.30, as of January 2020. So to order just send me $97.30 total through Paypal. My Email address is on the “Contact” page. Paypal will provide me your mailing address, if you have kept it up-to-date with them.
If you are not registered with Paypal, ask me to send an invoice. You will be able to pay this with a credit card. This works for International orders also.
If you prefer to send a check, please Email me for my address.

International shipping is of course higher, recently it has been $38.60 to Europe, $39.60 to Australia.
You will find a postage calculator at postcalc.usps.com . Enter your country and “View Flat Rate Boxes”. Box size is “Small Flat Rate”.

For more information on the ferrule shrinking tool, see these articles:
https://northbranchreels.com/2014/07/16/ferrule-shrinking/ https://northbranchreels.com/2015/08/06/ferrule-tool-article/

It is a simple hand operated tool, one hand on the tool and the other on the bamboo below the female ferrule. Turning the rod (radial screws slightly tightened) works down the diameter of the female ferrule. Stay a little back from the welt and from the moisture plug. Twist several times, remove and test the fit. If still loose, repeat with slightly tighter screws.

The two radial screws will have to be a bit more than finger tight in order to achieve a shrink. They are #10-32 size, and require a 5/32 inch Allen wrench (not included).

You will probably need the skill of abrading a male ferrule to final fit, as it is easy to shrink the female a little too much.

As of January 2020, I have several in stock.