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Bronze Castings

Here is a bronze casting in the form of a rectangular solid bar, and a reel foot made from this material. Bronze alloy C954 is supplied as a casting, made by the “continuous casting” method. The cast bar is quite … Continue reading

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Sherlock Holmes, Metallurgist

Recently I anodized two reels. All end plates and pillars (6061 aluminum) look right. The feet (7075 aluminum) look right. Of the 20 screws (all 7075 aluminum), 14 look right but 6 of them are dark and dingy. What happened? … Continue reading

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I am getting down to the final details on the first two reels of my winter 2011-12 production. This week I am making knobs of a variety of materials. This is “Alternative Ivory”, a plastic substitute for the real thing. … Continue reading

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7075 Aluminum

The most widely available aluminum alloy for home craftsmen is 6061. I have been using 6061 for many of my reel components. But when I decided that I should make (vs. buy) aluminum screws, I chose alloy 7075 to get … Continue reading

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Finishing Plastic

To finish metals, I often use wet/dry sandpaper. The finest grit that I have on hand is 2000. That seems to me to be fine enough for metals; I don’t really want a mirror finish. But when I have tried … Continue reading

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Two More Plastics for Pawls

Someone brought Ertalyte and Ertalyte TX to my attention as possible materials for pawls. The data sheet properties looked promising, so I bought a small quantity of each and made pawls. I tested these on the low speed tester, as … Continue reading

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