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Line Guard

Back in 2008/2009, I made several “tuna can” reels. The plans are elsewhere in this blog (search for “Reel 37 Plans”). The second owner of a pair of these was concerned that there was no line guard to protect the … Continue reading

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Presentation Reels

These are engraved reels that I made for a friend from High School days, to be presents for companions at an annual outing. Frames are bronze, spools are aluminum with electroless nickel plating.

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Bronze Castings

Here is a bronze casting in the form of a rectangular solid bar, and a reel foot made from this material. Bronze alloy C954 is supplied as a casting, made by the “continuous casting” method. The cast bar is quite … Continue reading

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More on Powder Coating

Terry continues to powder coat his reels. I have not used the process, so the following text is his note: “Powder coating has not been a hard process to master. In fact it is really pretty simple. The most important … Continue reading

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Brass S-Crank

This reel, serial number 72, will probably be a one-off. I have given up trying to make batches of reels to sell. It is 3 inches across pillars. Because it is mostly brass it is heavy, 7-1/8 ounce. Only the … Continue reading

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Red Chile

Yes, I do like the local Carne Adovada, but “Red Chile Water” is New Mexico’s designation for fly fishing only, catch and release streams. The Covid epidemic kept me from fishing for more than a year, but this summer I … Continue reading

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Orvis Reel Repair

Francisco has an Orvis Odyssey IV reel, the largest of 4 Odyssey sizes and the one advertised as a “Big Game” model. The spring is stainless wire, but was fatigued and needed replacement. It is a simple shape and so … Continue reading

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Ferrule Shrinking: Avoiding a Ridge

Jim is a rod builder/repairer in Australia who recently described his use of the ferrule shrinking tool. “I bought one of your tools quite some time ago and have used it often over the years to fix old rods I’ve … Continue reading

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Powder Coating

My friend Terry has been experimenting with powder coating for reel finish. Powder coating is done with a dc supply aiding the attraction of paint to the object. I quizzed Terry about the process, and here is his explanation: “I … Continue reading

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Electroless Nickel

I showed this reel in a 13 June 2020 post (A “Perfect” Reel Configuration), with all the interior shots. But the anodize process for the frame and spool had failed, so it was not very attractive. I tried stripping the … Continue reading

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