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Starrett 196

This is a “Dial Test Indicator Back Plunger Set”. A friend gave it to me for minor services rendered. It appears to be complete, as all the recesses are occupied. The indicator has a plunger rod sticking out the back, … Continue reading

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Multi-Anvil Micrometer

I recently became aware of this type of micrometer, and had to get one. It came with two anvils, one flat and the other a round pin. This is a Mitutoyo 117-107. The equivalent Starrett is model 220. I bought … Continue reading

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Mitutoyo Absolute

For Christmas I received a Mitutoyo “Absolute” caliper. This is my first electronic-based measurement tool. I compared its measurements carefully with those of my old Mitutoyo dial caliper and decided that it works. What is amazing is that you do … Continue reading

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Acid Concentration

My reelmaking is quite dependent on the anodizing process. Running this process consistently means controlling three conditions: 1. Current density (12 A/in^2) 2. Temperature (68 deg F) 3. Acid concentration Recently it occurred to me that my acid mixing is … Continue reading

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Hardness Test

On 15 Dec 2012, I posted about some aluminum rod stock that was supposed to be 7075, but might be something else because it did not anodize properly. I theorized that it might be 2024 (a known poor anodizer) because … Continue reading

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Digital Micrometer

I recently bought this micrometer from Anytime Tools. It is a standard micrometer with a vernier scale on the handle that allow interpolation to 0.0001 inch. What is different is that there is also a revolution counter that shows the … Continue reading

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Speed Calibration

Sherline lathe or mill speed is set with a knob, but the only indications for the knob are which direction to turn to go faster or slower. I have gotten along with just this for about a year and a … Continue reading

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