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  1. Jeremy Gubbins, Coon Rapids, MN says:

    Hi Dave,
    I am a budding rod-maker and have saved your link b/c of the Sherline work you have done. I just bought a 4400 lathe and have a few simple-type questions mostly about turning a cork grip on my lathe and removing the tail-stock. Looks like I may have made a mistake buying this tool??
    I’ll email you.

    Thanks. BTW I’m “thegubster” from the bamboo forum.


    • dave49 says:

      Did you see the post of 3 Sept 2013? A photo there show my outdoor lathe setup for turning the grip profile. I did remove the tailstock, and used the steady rest on the (round fiberglass) rod. I did not want the fiberglass to be skidding around on the 3 steady rest bars, so I made a Delrin collar (fits on the rod) for the bars to ride on. Where the 3 jaw chuck grips the reel seat, there may also be some Delrin, but I do not remember.
      Something that I should have done was make a cardboard negative template for the grip profile. It would have helped.

  2. Jeremy Gubbins, Coon Rapids, MN says:

    Thanks Dave. Yep, I did see that pic. and will use the ref. to decide how to go about making up a steady rest to support the rod blank so she doesn’t whip. Thank you very much.

  3. Steve Taylor says:

    Dave, steve taylor here. I just finished a long investigation on lapping compounds. There are two types, imbedding and non-imbedding. Since then I have stopped using clover brand aluminum or silicon oxide pastes that are imbedding. I have been using a non-imbedding garnet paste that I get from a company in Pittsburg. The imbedding types continue to hone a bit after cleaning. Steve

  4. Barry Moldovan says:

    Dave, love the reel you built me.
    I recently purchased a Young made Shakespeare Worcestershire 2626. The handle is stuck in place. The reel is good otherwise. The handle is bolted in place. How much would it be to replace? Do you do nominal repairs?

  5. Jeff says:

    I am a machine shop instructor at Lansing Community College and am looking for blue prints for a centerpin reel. Is there any of them on the web?

  6. Anthony says:

    Do you have any reel available now?

  7. Angelo esposito says:

    Can i still order reel # 17 for 400.00 + shipping

  8. Alan Burrows says:

    Dave, I have a mid 60’s Orvis Battenkill 2 piece rod. Both tips are loose at the ferrule. I assume the female needs to be shrunk. Is this something that you could do and what would you charge?

  9. Brian Keith Shaffer says:

    Great site… I return often to see the old and new.
    I am just looking into a lathe myself… and so it begins.
    Cheers, Brian

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