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  1. Jeremy Gubbins, Coon Rapids, MN says:

    Hi Dave,
    I am a budding rod-maker and have saved your link b/c of the Sherline work you have done. I just bought a 4400 lathe and have a few simple-type questions mostly about turning a cork grip on my lathe and removing the tail-stock. Looks like I may have made a mistake buying this tool??
    I’ll email you.

    Thanks. BTW I’m “thegubster” from the bamboo forum.


    • dave49 says:

      Did you see the post of 3 Sept 2013? A photo there show my outdoor lathe setup for turning the grip profile. I did remove the tailstock, and used the steady rest on the (round fiberglass) rod. I did not want the fiberglass to be skidding around on the 3 steady rest bars, so I made a Delrin collar (fits on the rod) for the bars to ride on. Where the 3 jaw chuck grips the reel seat, there may also be some Delrin, but I do not remember.
      Something that I should have done was make a cardboard negative template for the grip profile. It would have helped.

  2. Jeremy Gubbins, Coon Rapids, MN says:

    Thanks Dave. Yep, I did see that pic. and will use the ref. to decide how to go about making up a steady rest to support the rod blank so she doesn’t whip. Thank you very much.

  3. Steve Taylor says:

    Dave, steve taylor here. I just finished a long investigation on lapping compounds. There are two types, imbedding and non-imbedding. Since then I have stopped using clover brand aluminum or silicon oxide pastes that are imbedding. I have been using a non-imbedding garnet paste that I get from a company in Pittsburg. The imbedding types continue to hone a bit after cleaning. Steve

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