Using the Foot Fixture

This post is of interest to anyone who bought my plan set at The Eclectic Angler, and will be making the foot fixture of drawing 1015. I started to use the fixture this morning and went through a “deja vu” episode. When I originally designed the fixture, my intent was to bolt it to the rotary table in its normal position (i.e., flat on the mill table), then turn the mill head so the cutting tool is horizontal. As I found out after making the fixture, the head of my Sherline mill does not move far enough downwards to reach the bottom end of the foot. Had the baseplate of the foot fixture been 1 inch thick instead of 3/4, it would have been OK.

Because I use the fixture infrequently, I got every thing set up before remembering this problem. So then I unbolted all and re-did the setup, but with a “tilting angle table” set at 90 degrees. I have gone through this false start every time I have used the fixture.

Now, the rotation axis for the fixture is horizontal and the mill cutting tool is in its normal vertical orientation. Sherline also sells a rotary table mount that is right angle only, and it would work as well.

The horizontal orientation of the workpiece allows a better view of the machining process, and is probably a better setup.

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