Brass S-Crank

This reel, serial number 72, will probably be a one-off. I have given up trying to make batches of reels to sell.

It is 3 inches across pillars. Because it is mostly brass it is heavy, 7-1/8 ounce. Only the spool end plates are aluminum. It is sized for WF5F and a modest amount of backing.

The black side plates (plastic laminate) are decorative only. The reel is fully functional without them. The end plate webs are just .030 inch thick, but contribute to the weight.

Inside is my usual click mechanism, acetal ratchet and pawl. Both the pawl and spring pins are symmetric; a kink in the spring biases the click strength.

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4 Responses to Brass S-Crank

  1. says:

    Wow, very nice

  2. Jeremy Colby says:


  3. john Paullus says:

    That one is very nice and a lot of work!!!!

  4. DAVID MEADOWS says:

    Beautiful craftsmanship,as usual.

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