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Chuck Spider

I finally sold my Sherline lathe, my first machine tool. I could do this because I have made enough upgrades and fixtures for my newer minilathe to produce all reel parts with just it and my mill. The last consideration … Continue reading

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A “Perfect” Reel Configuration

An iconic reel design is the Hardy Perfect. I have never had one in hand to photograph but I did borrow a Hardy Bougle from a friend, and it is the same thing except that the frame is raised pillar … Continue reading

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Bronze Frame Reel – Pillars and Screws

I have been making pillars from nickel silver. The two pillars that fasten to the foot have cross drilled holes that are off center. This helps balance the Front End Ring with the heavier Rear End Plate. I buy 18% … Continue reading

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Bronze Frame Reel – Rear End Plate

The rear end plate has many details. I have been making this from C544 bronze rod, but c360 brass flat bar could also be used. For the 3 weight reel, the ratchet gear is too small diameter to allow a … Continue reading

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Bronze Frame Reel – Front End Ring

The North Branch Reels metal shop is not yet back in operation after its relocation from Michigan to New Mexico. I have unpacked almost all the moving boxes and built two new workbenches. Here you see the mill on one … Continue reading

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Rounding the Corners

The is the rear end plate of reel S/N 52, screwed to a tool plate while I round off the corners of the pillar lugs. This is a fussy operation, with fine positioning of the Y and rotary axes to … Continue reading

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Reel 37 Frame

This is a difficult part; there are many operations and a correspondingly high possibility of making an error that will force a start-over. A step-by-step pictorial is in an earlier post of 10 June 2013, “One Piece Frame”. All the … Continue reading

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One Piece Frame

To go with the one piece spool, I have also made a one piece frame. This is a record of the steps. Face the material on both ends and cut a “grip”, a projection for holding the work in many … Continue reading

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Rear End Plate

I have made prototypes of two sizes of my “Fixed Spindle Reel” (see post immediately preceding this one), and am now starting the first reel for a customer. Also, I have committed to deliver a plan set by the end … Continue reading

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Aluminum Finishing

By now I have made enough reel parts of aluminum to have established a routine procedure for finishing. My goal is to arrive at a finish that is uniform but not highly reflective. If the aluminum is shiny before anodizing, … Continue reading

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