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A Lesson in Thermal Expansion

The “Fixed Spindle Reel” is my first design with a bushing that runs the length of the spool. I make the bushing of either Delrin or acetal copolymer, and it rides on a spindle of stainless steel. The fit of … Continue reading

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Snap-In Puller

My friend Jerry needed to remove a cylindrical clutch assembly that had been pressed into a recess. The only feature available for grip was the bore of the clutch. He made this puller and was able to extract the clutch. … Continue reading

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How to (Not) Extract a Broken Tap

When tapping, whether on the lathe or on the mill, I always use a guide pin in the hole on the back of the tap handle. This does two things. First, it ensures that the tap is started straight. Second, … Continue reading

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