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Wood Stabilization

When a reel is specified to have a wood knob, I typically finish the wood with Tru-Oil. Then one reel came back to me with a tight knob. I know that it originally rotated freely; the wood must have shrunken. … Continue reading

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Milling an S Shaped Crank

My first design for the reel crank (here in brass) was too “heavy” in the middle. So back to the drawing board. Here I have reduced the diameter of the center circle, and moved one small inside radius to make … Continue reading

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Milling a Reel Foot

There is a standard for the shape of a reel foot, and I observe it to a reasonable degree. To hold the stock for initial sizing and drilling, I have made vise jaws with rabbets. The standard calls for an … Continue reading

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The gearmotor that wasn’t a gearmotor

First of all, I must say that the pawl test data that I previously posted (Aug. 22, 2010 : Results of Pawl Wear Test) cannot be relied upon. I now realize that the “gearmotor” that I used for this test … Continue reading

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Loctite Assembly of Spool

My first reel design has a multi-part spool: anodized aluminum for the spool ends and copper alloy (bronze) for the shaft. I could have saved weight by using an aluminum shaft, but I could not reconcile myself to having aluminum … Continue reading

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Results of Pawl Wear Test

Some background for this post is in a discussion on Rod and Reel Maker’s Forum. The discussion made me think of using plastic for the pawl. (In my reel design, replacing a worn pawl takes only a screwdriver, for backplate … Continue reading

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A Reel Vom Hofe

My friend Steve owns an original fly reel by Julius Vom Hofe (brothers Edward and Julius both made reels). This is the style of reel that I have adopted, but with modern materials. His reel is in very good condition, … Continue reading

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Grayrock 2010

Grayrock is a meeting of bamboo rod makers held annually near Grayling MI. I have never attended (since I am not a rod maker) but a friend is on the program committee. He recruited me to be the novelty speaker … Continue reading

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Life Test of Pawl and Ratchet

To find better materials for the ratchet and pawl, I made this test fixture from a 25 rpm gearmotor. Initially the ratchet is 642 bronze and the pawl is 6061T6 aluminum. I expect the aluminum to wear quickly. May try … Continue reading

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Gear Cutting

As I started to fish my newly made reel this spring, I found that the original ratchet and pawl were wearing quickly, as evidenced by brass particles inside the reel back plate. I posted this problem to Rod and Reel … Continue reading

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