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Ratchet Cutting

This blog post records my setup for cutting ratchet teeth. I having been building reels one at a time, so this setup is needed for each reel. The bushing/ratchet blank is held on a mandrel in a 4 jaw chuck … Continue reading

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Right Angle Bracket

Little Machine Shop offers this cast iron right angle bracket for use on MiniMills. I bought one and immediately drilled it to accommodate my Sherline rotary tables. It is much heavier than the aluminum bracket offered by Sherline. I have … Continue reading

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Collet Grip

I have one more problem to solve before my CNC engraver is operational. It is that end mills come loose in the spindle. This is the spindle, it is 1.2 inch diameter and uses a “WW” collet (0.125 inch bore). … Continue reading

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Mill Alignment

A feature of my new “HiTorque Mini Mill” is that the column (supporting the head) CANNOT be tilted to allow drilling at an angle. This lack of tilt is a positive feature because it means that there should be no … Continue reading

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A New Mill

I finally did what many have told me I should do, and that is get a bigger mill for my reel work. This is a Model 3990 from Little Machine Shop. It is several times heavier, stiffer, and more powerful … Continue reading

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Rounding the Corners

The is the rear end plate of reel S/N 52, screwed to a tool plate while I round off the corners of the pillar lugs. This is a fussy operation, with fine positioning of the Y and rotary axes to … Continue reading

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Rotary Indexer

I recently bought Sherline P/N 8700, “CNC Rotary Indexer”. It consists of three units. The first is the standard 4 inch rotary table, but with a stepper motor attached. Here you see it set up to cut teeth on a … Continue reading

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One Piece Spool

For some time, I have been plotting how to make a one piece spool. My spools so far have been assemblies. The difficulty is the limited power and size of my Sherline lathe and mill. Recently I am developing a … Continue reading

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A Lesson in Burr Removal

When metal is cut, a sharp edge is often left. Part of making a useable product is removing any sharp edges or (even worse) burrs. Even very small details of parts may have detrimental burrs. —— When I developed my … Continue reading

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Way Covers

The Sherline lathe has leadscrews that are under the bed and cross-slide; these need no separate way covers. On the mill, the X and Z leadscrews are similarly protected, but the Y axis leadscrew is exposed to falling swarf. For … Continue reading

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