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Chuck Jaw Regrind

The 4 jaw chuck is a workhorse for reelmaking. Sherline’s 4 jaw is just big enough to hold the 2.5 to 3 inch diameter material needed to make reel frames. Since these parts have to be machined from both sides, … Continue reading

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Cut-Off Saw

Most of the raw material for my reels is round or rectangular section bar stock purchased in 1 foot lengths. To size it for mill or lathe work, I need a saw. While I own a Delta bandsaw, I prefer … Continue reading

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Improved ER16 Collet Chuck

In two earlier blog posts (4 Jan 2013 and 6 July 2012), I have discussed ER16 collets. My concern here is holding small round parts “on center”, and for the discussion here, consider “on center” to be a TIR of … Continue reading

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Chuck Centering

On a fly reel, the radial clearance between the spool ends and frame should be as small as possible. It is probably not practical that this clearance be as small as the diameter of the finest tippet that might be … Continue reading

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ER16 Collet Chuck

In a post of 6 July 2012 (“ER16 Collet Set”), I reported on a collet set that I had acquired. These were different than many collets familiar to machinists in that they were saw cut from both ends in such … Continue reading

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Fixtures for the Fixed Spindle Reel

These are the fixtures and modified tools that I use to make the Fixed Pillar Reel. Like yesterday’s post , this one supports an upcoming plan set. There is nothing new here, I have just brought it all together in … Continue reading

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Front End Ring

Since my new reel design has a fixed spindle, it requires a front end ring instead of a full front end plate. Here is the sequence of steps to produce a thin end ring for a raised pillar reel. Starting … Continue reading

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Tooling for New Reel

My next reel design requires a number of new spacers, sleeves, and bushings to help hold parts on the lathe or on the mill’s rotary table. I think that these are all that I will need, but I won’t know … Continue reading

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ER16 Collet Set

You can center round stock in a 4 jaw chuck, but it takes some time to get the jaws adjusted to center. This is the attraction of collets; if you have the right size collet, the work is centered with … Continue reading

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Simple Pot Chuck

After making a tool the hard way, one has extra appreciation when finding a simple way. My last post to this blog was about a pot chuck for my Sherline lathe that used the Morse taper of the lathe headstock … Continue reading

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