Fixtures for the Fixed Spindle Reel

These are the fixtures and modified tools that I use to make the Fixed Pillar Reel. Like yesterday’s post , this one supports an upcoming plan set. There is nothing new here, I have just brought it all together in one post.

To release collets and othe Morse tapers from either headstock spindle, keep shaft collars on the spindle extensions. Then push the loosened bolt with the “gear puller”.

This clamp lets me use the 4 jaw chuck as a milling vise.

These indicators have home made fixtures for centering on the lathe and rotary table.

Spacer plates for chucks and face plates create clearance for cutting tools.

This mill toolplate holds a Front End Ring or Rear End Plate. It has a pilot pin for the rotary table.

This is a lathe faceplate for the Front End Ring or Rear End Plate.

This clamp holds a spool end plate down on the rotary table.

This clamp holds a spool end plate against a lathe faceplate. The brass part has a Morse taper.

These support plates protect the rotary table from plunging end mills when spool end plates are perforated.

Note 27 Nov 2012: The plates shown are Delrin, but I am re-making them from aluminum. Delrin is too slick and may allow the spool end plate to rotate around the central clamping bolt.
Here is the aluminum plate in use. It has two bolts the clamp it to the rotary table, and two pan head screws that supplement the clamping force of the central bolt.

This 0.500 reamer has its shank turned down to fit a 3/8 chuck. The wrench gives the tailstock chuck extra torque capacity. Here is an example of pushing the Sherline lathe a little past its design capability.

I put aluminum jaws on this old milling vise. The rabbet holds bar stock parallel to mill spindle travel.

This is the “toenail clipper” that shapes the end of the foot. It pilots on the rotary table.

This sanding mandrel for the foot sole is held by a 3 jaw chuck and live center.

This fixture is for shaping the top of the foot.

Here are several pot chucks.

These are Delrin rings. The split one holds the bushing while it is reamed. The larger one pads the chuck jaws (4 jaw) while holding the spool hub.

This clamp holds the ratchet/bushing while teeth are cut.

Here is a gear cutter in a brass mandrel.

This fixture helps shape the pawl.

A bonding fixture ensures that spool end plates set squarely on the spool hub.

These wrenches install the spindle.

A crank makes screw cutting with dies easier. Sherline sells a crank as part of their (single point) screw cutting attachment, but this smaller crank fits the lathe spindle extension without removing the motor.

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