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Mill Enclosure

When I first got my Sherline mill, I put it in a large tote to help contain the chips that are thrown in all directions. I screwed the mill base to a piece of laminate covered shelving, which was not … Continue reading

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Lathe Bit Grinding

I find that high speed steel (HSS) lathe bits cut more smoothly than any carbide bits, brazed or insert. HSS bits cut best when freshly sharpened, a task that I have dreaded. My grinder is typical of the “home improvement … Continue reading

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Boring Tool Holder

This plain aluminum block is a quick-and-dirty holder for round shanked boring tools. I have been struggling with this holder for some time. The problem is that it fastens to the cross slide of the lathe with a single screw. … Continue reading

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Fixtures for the Fixed Spindle Reel

These are the fixtures and modified tools that I use to make the Fixed Pillar Reel. Like yesterday’s post , this one supports an upcoming plan set. There is nothing new here, I have just brought it all together in … Continue reading

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Simple Pot Chuck

After making a tool the hard way, one has extra appreciation when finding a simple way. My last post to this blog was about a pot chuck for my Sherline lathe that used the Morse taper of the lathe headstock … Continue reading

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Pot Chuck

For a new reel design, I want a bronze washer of about 3/4 inch OD, ID to pass a #10 screw, and 0.031 thickness. It is part of a thrust bearing; how can I get a close thickness tolerance and … Continue reading

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Using the 4 Jaw Chuck as a Vise

Sherline’s 4 jaw chuck was designed to fit on the lathe spindle, but can also be used on the vertical mill. This is very handy; when I make end plates for raised pillar reels I frequently move the work between … Continue reading

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