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Rear End Plate

I have made prototypes of two sizes of my “Fixed Spindle Reel” (see post immediately preceding this one), and am now starting the first reel for a customer. Also, I have committed to deliver a plan set by the end … Continue reading

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Aluminum Finishing

By now I have made enough reel parts of aluminum to have established a routine procedure for finishing. My goal is to arrive at a finish that is uniform but not highly reflective. If the aluminum is shiny before anodizing, … Continue reading

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Front End Ring

Since my new reel design has a fixed spindle, it requires a front end ring instead of a full front end plate. Here is the sequence of steps to produce a thin end ring for a raised pillar reel. Starting … Continue reading

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Dyed End Plates

Having dyed some scrap metal parts (this blog, 23 April 2012), I moved on to some machined reel parts. On my first attempt, the result was not satisfactory. There were small but obvious flaws, like this spot on the rear … Continue reading

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Progress Report #8 : Little Progress

This is how far I got on the next two reels before I was rudely interrupted: Last Wednesday I set these front end plates down and left the house for an evening meeting. Just before walking out, I took the … Continue reading

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Using the 4 Jaw Chuck as a Vise

Sherline’s 4 jaw chuck was designed to fit on the lathe spindle, but can also be used on the vertical mill. This is very handy; when I make end plates for raised pillar reels I frequently move the work between … Continue reading

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Second Expanding Mandrel

When I prototyped my aluminum frame reel (blog post of 10 Aug 2011), I fastened the rear bearing cap with two small screws. For the “production” reels, I did not want protruding screw heads, and so decided to secure the … Continue reading

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Aluminum End Plates

I have been having trouble making end plates for my “aluminum frame reel”, and had to scrap a couple of parts that were nearly finished. The problem was pillar lugs that were not symmetric. At 1.5 inch radius, an 0.1 … Continue reading

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Boring with the Lathe

I have been making end plates for my “aluminum frame reel”. I start with a section of rectangular bar, round the corners for lathe clearance, then remove almost all the material with a roughing end mill. Then I make the … Continue reading

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Aluminum Raised Pillar Frame

At Classic Reels Forum I saw a reel by E. vom Hofe that I particularly liked, so I am using the photo as a general model for my next reel. Here is the aluminum frame, with parts tumbled in coarse … Continue reading

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