Progress Report #8 : Little Progress

This is how far I got on the next two reels before I was rudely interrupted:

Last Wednesday I set these front end plates down and left the house for an evening meeting. Just before walking out, I took the first pill of an antibiotic prescription that I was given earlier in the day. While driving, I realized that I was having an allergic reaction. Systems seemed to be shutting down, so I pulled into a parking lot. Apparently I tried to get out of the truck but passed out and struck my head on the asphalt.

What I learned about hospitals is that once you are admitted with head injury, they are reluctant to let you go. They have many tests that help them to decide if you can be allowed to mingle with the general population again.

I think that the best test will be milling the two rear end plates without mistakes.

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3 Responses to Progress Report #8 : Little Progress

  1. Jerry Hilgenberg says:

    Whoa! So somebody saw you there on the asphalt and called for help? Those allergic reactions can be deadly; I’m glad to see that you made it with only a few staples as souvenirs. And, happily, you still have most of, if not all, your hair — so any scars will be hidden.

    We’re currently in Winchester, having left Baja on March 6th. We spent some time in Phoenix and at the Grand Canyon, and will remain here until Saturday morning. I’m looking forward to getting back home. (Yes, we were driving.)

    Gary Junco and Debbie Mangus asked me to provide music for the 45th Reunion weekend planned for late September. They’re going to hold it in a new community center room uptown (where the JC Penney store used to be). That property is now owned by Hunsucker, Junco, Hendrickson, and their other partners, who (for some reason that I cannot fathom) have all invested a lot of money in Winchester. I must say they did a pretty good job with this room – it’s a very nice space, with good acoustics…easily hold 100 or more. I hope you can make it for that weekend; it would be good to see you.

    BTW, the courthouse renovations are really looking good. I have a photo on my phone and will send it to you separately.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery,

  2. Richard Bahl says:

    Ouch! Take good care of yourself Dave. Those staples hurt when they take them out as well. You have more of them than I had when they fixed my broken ankle with a steel pin and 9 wood screws.


  3. Bob Snare, Broomfield Colorado says:

    Hope there is no permanent damage. Head injuries can be difficult to treat but I like your idea of the milling test. 🙂
    Bob S.

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