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Toenail Clipper

I have made about a dozen reel feet by now, but alignment to cut a radius at each end of the foot has been a recurring pain. I made a simple fixture to help with trimming to the right length, … Continue reading

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Sole of the Foot

The AFFTA standard for fly reel feet calls for a 0.350 radius on the bottom. It seems strange that they chose this decimal fraction of an inch; why not 11/32 so the radius can be cut with an 11/16 ball … Continue reading

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7075 Aluminum

The most widely available aluminum alloy for home craftsmen is 6061. I have been using 6061 for many of my reel components. But when I decided that I should make (vs. buy) aluminum screws, I chose alloy 7075 to get … Continue reading

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Using the Foot Fixture

This post is of interest to anyone who bought my plan set at The Eclectic Angler, and will be making the foot fixture of drawing 1015. I started to use the fixture this morning and went through a “deja vu” … Continue reading

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Milling a Reel Foot

There is a standard for the shape of a reel foot, and I observe it to a reasonable degree. To hold the stock for initial sizing and drilling, I have made vise jaws with rabbets. The standard calls for an … Continue reading

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