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Technical Data on Anodizing

When I first started anodizing (this blog, 4 May 2010) I followed instructions from DIY web sites, and felt that I had satisfactory results. Recently I borrowed a technical reference book set that covers anodizing, dyeing, and sealing. It is … Continue reading

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Sherlock Holmes, Metallurgist

Recently I anodized two reels. All end plates and pillars (6061 aluminum) look right. The feet (7075 aluminum) look right. Of the 20 screws (all 7075 aluminum), 14 look right but 6 of them are dark and dingy. What happened? … Continue reading

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New Anodizing Cell

My first anodizing setup was reported in this blog (4 May, 2010). It used a small polypropylene jar with several fitted lids having different electrodes to secure the various parts. Since then, I have realized that anodizing an entire assembly … Continue reading

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Anodizing Problem

I have machined and sanded all the aluminum parts for 5 reels, but have been putting off the anodize process. It’s boring, 1 hour per part, 7 parts per reel. Today I finally started. The first part, an S-crank, came … Continue reading

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Small Scale Anodizing

My first reel design required several aluminum parts, and to protect these I wanted to anodize. But anodizing requires a hazardous (though readily available) chemical, sulfuric acid. To dispose of old acid, you must first neutralize it with baking soda. … Continue reading

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