A Reel Vom Hofe

My friend Steve owns an original fly reel by Julius Vom Hofe (brothers Edward and Julius both made reels). This is the style of reel that I have adopted, but with modern materials. His reel is in very good condition, as the hard rubber side plates are not cracked.   I believe that this reel is about 100 years old. On the click end plate the engraving is partly obscured, but I can stiil read “Julius…Pat…Oct…Brooklyn”.

The crank securing screw is missing, so I am trying to make a suitable replacement. My bronze prototype is seen in the first photo. When he and I agree on form, I will make another of nickel silver.  This reel is 3.0 inch diameter and 1.9 inch width across the rings.  Weight is 8.5 ounces.  Because I have substituted aluminum for nickel silver, my reel is 5.5 ounces.

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1 Response to A Reel Vom Hofe

  1. fred balling says:

    if you want to replicate the original screw head design, i could send you a scan.

    those nickel silver julius reels are pretty rare, since most of his product was nickel
    plated brass

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