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Magnetic Base

This is my new magnetic base for indicators, and I am finding it to be very useful. It is just the right size for use on MiniLathe and MiniMill and has plenty of articulation. All the joints tighten when you … Continue reading

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Right Angle Bracket

Little Machine Shop offers this cast iron right angle bracket for use on MiniMills. I bought one and immediately drilled it to accommodate my Sherline rotary tables. It is much heavier than the aluminum bracket offered by Sherline. I have … Continue reading

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More MiniLathe Tooling

I have used a Sherline lathe for about 9 years to make reel parts. In that time I developed many fixtures to facilitate lathe operation. Now that I am converting to a MiniLathe, new tools are needed. Here its a … Continue reading

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MiniLathe Tooling

In 2015, I replaced my Sherline mill with a MiniMill (Little Machine Shop 3990). The switchover was simple; I only had to make some special hold down clamps to continue using my Sherline rotary table with the new mill. Now … Continue reading

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A Foot Fixture for the Lathe

Since starting this hobby in 2010, I have built about 50 reels. For every one of these, I shaped the top of the reel foot with a vertical mill using this rotary table fixture. This is a labor intensive process … Continue reading

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More of Greg’s Reels

Greg is an Ohio based bamboo rod maker. In November 2014 I posted pictures of two reels that he made from my plan set ( Greg is now seriously into reel production, using CNC to assist on the more complicated … Continue reading

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Engraving Practice

The engraver is running; here is a practice part. This was done on scrap bronze with a .018 inch diameter end mill turning at 24000 rpm and travelling at 4 inches/minute. The groove is about .005 inch deep. My design … Continue reading

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First CNC Part

My CNC engraver has progressed to the point that it is ready to use. Before buying design software, I decided to try hand coding a G code program. The task here will be to mill the complex perimeter profile of … Continue reading

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CNC Control Panel

The control panel for the engraver is now wired. The front has some switches to give me direct control of stepper enable, spindle power, etc. Here is the back side. There are three switching power supplies. If there are any … Continue reading

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I now have all the wiring anchored to my CNC mill. Quite a bit of the labor was in mounting the limit switches. The engraving mill will connect to its control panel by 7 four pin connectors: 3 for step … Continue reading

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