More MiniLathe Tooling

I have used a Sherline lathe for about 9 years to make reel parts. In that time I developed many fixtures to facilitate lathe operation. Now that I am converting to a MiniLathe, new tools are needed.

Here its a turning bit based on a 3/8 round carbide insert. I will use it to finish the inside surfaces of spools.

Note 15 April: This cutter did not work, too much compliance. It dug into a bronze end plate and popped it out of a 3 jaw chuck.
27 May 2017: I will take that back. The cutter is OK; the problem was play in the cross slide and compound gibs. If you buy a minilathe, be sure to view a 3 part video on YouTube by Frank Hoose, “Cross-slide & Compound”.

I never used a magnetic base to hold indicators on the Sherline because the cross slide is made of aluminum. Now with a cast iron cross slide a magnetic base is handy.

I bought one, but found the stock arm (laying flat at right) to not have enough articulation. So I bought an additional swivel clamp and made two new arms.

The nut for my ER32 collet holder is grasped with a hook type spanner. To hold the flange, I bought a strap wrench.

But the strap material is too slick; it does not grip the polished flange. So I made a pin type spanner that fits unused holes on the spindle flange.

When the carriage is moved by its rack and pinion drive, there is no dial on the handwheel. So it made a holder for a dial indicator. It clamps to the lathe bed.

This holder can also be used as a carriage stop.

The same holder can be clamped in the tool post in order to read axial runout on a flat part.

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