Toenail Clipper

I have made about a dozen reel feet by now, but alignment to cut a radius at each end of the foot has been a recurring pain. I made a simple fixture to help with trimming to the right length, but it required auxilliary hold-down clamps and it was difficult to locate these where they would not collide with the end mill.
So for this round, I took time to make a new fixture. It is just an aluminum channel that fits around the foot and has a brass pilot pin for the center of the rotary table. A single screw (through the tooling hole in the foot) holds everything down. So now I can see what I am doing while trimming.

Here are the several parts.

Putting a single radius at each end of the foot is not in exact compliance with the AFFTA standard. But I like the way it looks, and it is much easier than making outside corner radii that meet each edge on a tangent.

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