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Thrust Plate for Compound Slide

I have had a MiniLathe for several months now, but am still having trouble making it function well enough to replace my Sherline lathe for routine reel making operations. One particular problem is that the dial of the compound slide … Continue reading

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More MiniLathe Tooling

I have used a Sherline lathe for about 9 years to make reel parts. In that time I developed many fixtures to facilitate lathe operation. Now that I am converting to a MiniLathe, new tools are needed. Here its a … Continue reading

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MiniLathe Tooling

In 2015, I replaced my Sherline mill with a MiniMill (Little Machine Shop 3990). The switchover was simple; I only had to make some special hold down clamps to continue using my Sherline rotary table with the new mill. Now … Continue reading

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A Foot Fixture for the Lathe

Since starting this hobby in 2010, I have built about 50 reels. For every one of these, I shaped the top of the reel foot with a vertical mill using this rotary table fixture. This is a labor intensive process … Continue reading

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Radius Turning with the Compound Slide

“Any tool can be the right tool.” – Red Green I put a “waist” on a reel knob by moving the tip of a lathe tool bit through an arc. The radius of this arc is 1.8 inches and makes … Continue reading

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Swarf Pan

I have been collecting waste chips from the lathe in shallow pans made of folded poster board, placed in front and back of the lathe base. ┬áTo make a more effective collection, I recently bought an aluminum “full sheet” baking … Continue reading

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Shaping the Knob

The knobs on my reels have just been simple cylinders. They might look better with some shaping, perhaps a “waist”. Here is a material blank mounted on a mandrel, ready for turning. I want to make a concave arc cut … Continue reading

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