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3D Modelling

An engineering student at Washington State University, Keenan, has gained some proficiency with the 3d modelling software “Solidworks”. I don’t believe that he is a fly fisher, but somehow he stumbled across this blog, whereupon he decided that one of … Continue reading

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A Lesson in Thermal Expansion

The “Fixed Spindle Reel” is my first design with a bushing that runs the length of the spool. I make the bushing of either Delrin or acetal copolymer, and it rides on a spindle of stainless steel. The fit of … Continue reading

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One Reel Available

I have completed all orders for my “Fixed Spindle Reel” and now have one complete reel left. Sold as of June 2013.

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43 Parts

My current design, the “Fixed Spindle Reel”, is comprised of 43 parts, as shown here. If I had the machining horsepower to make a one piece frame and a one piece spool, I could reduce the part count to 25.

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Two Reels Ready

For a local customer, 2.75 and 2.25 inch.

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Minor Design Change

While making a second Fixed Spindle Reel of the smaller (3 wt) size, I increased the diameter of the lightening holes. (Modification on the right below.) I believe that I like the larger holes a little better than those of … Continue reading

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Plan Set for Fixed Spindle Reel

Soon available at The Eclectic Angler is my new plan set for two sizes of the Fixed Spindle Reel. Update 27 Nov 2014: Sales of this plan set have been moved from The Eclectic Angler to Reel Lines Press. The … Continue reading

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Reel for WF3F

Here is a smaller version of my Fixed Spindle Reel. It is 2.25 ring diameter, 3.7 ounces, and holds WF3F plus 25 yards backing. Many of the parts are identical to those of the original, larger reel. Just the end … Continue reading

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Fixed Spindle Reel

My earlier designs were “rotating spindle”, which require full front and back end plates and a crank to turn the spool. This new design is “fixed spindle” which means an open front end ring, no crank, and a spool that … Continue reading

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Dyed End Plates

Having dyed some scrap metal parts (this blog, 23 April 2012), I moved on to some machined reel parts. On my first attempt, the result was not satisfactory. There were small but obvious flaws, like this spot on the rear … Continue reading

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