3D Modelling

An engineering student at Washington State University, Keenan, has gained some proficiency with the 3d modelling software “Solidworks”.

I don’t believe that he is a fly fisher, but somehow he stumbled across this blog, whereupon he decided that one of my reel plan sets would be good material for 3d modelling.

I hope that he also has time to get his homework done.

He has re-created all the reel parts as 3d models, and then made an assembly of the parts.

To create these images, he used the “rendering” feature. This applies light sources to give the appearance of a photograph.

Maybe I should quit machining reels, and just draw them.

I was an engineering student in the fall of 1967, and took an “Engineering Graphics” course. It wasn’t much fun carrying the drawing board and T-square across campus. There was no way to disguise the “nerd” factor.

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3 Responses to 3D Modelling

  1. Jerry Hilgenberg says:

    Excellent post. Although I must say — I doubt the student “somehow stumbled” across your blog. I expect he was deliberately searching for a blog site with careful, well-dimensioned drawings, good photography and production documentation, and succinct writing. Your site offers the perfect starting point for a classroom project such as this.
    Which leads me to ask: Do you still create your production drawings manually, or have you set aside the drafting board and t-square?

  2. dave49 says:

    I still work with pencil, straightedge, and compass but no drawing board and T-square. I made up a drawing form using “Cadstd” that has a title block an a faint grid at 5 squares/inch.
    Am having increasing trouble learning to use new software.
    Keenan said that he found my site while searching for information on gear cutting. Seems to be a very capable and engaged guy. I would gladly write him a recommendation letter when he is ready to look for a job.

  3. Brad Eaton says:


    Been reading through your site over the last few days and am thoroughly impressed. I actually sell the tool, SolidWorks that you cite and am trying to design my own fly reel as well. I’ve got a few variations but none as complete as yours. We also sell 3D printers, which is my goal, to print a reel design and have a working prototype – hoping some day to actually machine it.

    Keep up the great work. And I hope the Lamiglass works out. I built a 7″ 3x a few winters ago and it’s quickly become my favorite to throw dries with.


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