Small Reel

This reel is for a friend who is making a 1 weight rod. The reel is 2.3 inch diameter and weighs 2.6 oz. It uses the one piece spool and one piece frame from recent posts.

In a post of 10 May 2013, I included a table of reel spool sizes for WF lines of sizes 0 through 5. This is really a “Size 2” by the table; we wanted extra room.

Both the spool and frame are anodized aluminum; the frame has also been electrolytically colored.

In this last picture, a WF1F has been loaded.

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3 Responses to Small Reel

  1. Douglas Jones says:

    Beautiful little reel! You make some of the finest looking reels I’ve seen.

  2. Keenan says:

    That really is great looking reel. It looks like a slightly modified foot from your other designs. Also what was the purpose behind those extra holes near the foot mounting screws?

    • dave49 says:

      Yes, the foot is different, in order to mount to the one piece frame.
      Of the three holes, two are mistakes (inadequate planning) and one is threaded to serve as the anodizing contact.

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