Reel for WF3F

Here is a smaller version of my Fixed Spindle Reel.

It is 2.25 ring diameter, 3.7 ounces, and holds WF3F plus 25 yards backing.

Many of the parts are identical to those of the original, larger reel. Just the end plates and spool ends are reduced diameter.

Here it is with the original 5 wt. reel.

I will be making these this winter, but at my usual snail’s rate of production – I still work with non-CNC Sherline lathe and mill. If anyone is interested, they are $400. Contact .

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1 Response to Reel for WF3F

  1. Dave, I’m lovin’ this reel! I have a few small pack rods for brook trout that one of these would look great on. Great job.

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