Size 4 Reel, One Piece Frame & Spool

Just finished a reel for WF4F line. It is 2.53 inch diameter and 2.8 ounce weight.

I will use it on the fiberglass rod that I recently built.

This is just a larger version of the last reel that I made (28 June 2013), which is for size 2 line (2.32 inch diameter, 2.6 ounce).

My previous reel design had multi-piece spool and frame, for a total of 43 parts (4 April 2013). By using the one piece spool and one piece frame, the part count is cut to 21.

I intend one more change to the pawl mounting, making the part count 20, and 4 of those are the stock screws that hold the foot.

As is typical of my reels, the ratchet and pawl are acetal.

Here it is loaded with a WF4F line and 40 yards of 20# backing.

This a a bit more full than I like to have the spool; I may cut the backing to 20 yards.

On a recent post, “Spool Volume” (10 May 2013), I included a table of spool sizes for reels to hold WFxF, with x from 0 to 5. I am ready to make these reels this winter for anyone interested ($400).

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3 Responses to Size 4 Reel, One Piece Frame & Spool

  1. Douglas Jones says:

    I’m continually impressed by your work. The reels you show are tastefully done and appear simple but functional. Excellent job IMHO.

  2. Derrick says:

    I really love this design. Will you be selling the plans to this design?

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