Knob Selection

While finishing this reel, I made a selection of knobs.

Briar, Brazilian Tulip, Rosewood, Alternative Ivory, Turcite X, Black Acetal (on reel).
Macro shot of the wood knobs: Briar, Tulip, Rosewood

Update 2 March 2015: Two more, ebony and maple burl.

Update 5 Sept 2015: PEI knobs, unfilled semi-transparent (Ultem 1000) and glass filled (Ultem 2300).

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3 Responses to Knob Selection

  1. Fred Balling says:

    Your waiting setup is surely innovative. How do you secure the post to reel face? I would guess the interior end is slotted and threaded.

    BTW, went back to your report on raised pillar aluminum reels. Wow!

  2. Fred Balling says:

    not waiting, waiting. damned autocorrect.

    • dave49 says:

      The knob post is threaded 4-40 UNC into the spool face. Since external threads are naturally weaker than internal, I use 7075 for the post; spool is 6061. Good design practice is to have 3 threads engaged. The spool face is .070 thick so I have 2.8 threads, and should consider using UNF thread instead. I am unable to cut the thread right up to the shoulder, but the .030 thick bottom of the knob pan covers the first thread, which is incompletely formed.
      Did you get ambushed by autocorrect a second time? I still do not understand “waiting”.

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