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Spring Mayflies

My house is 200 feet from the river bank, and so attracts a few mayflies if lights are on in the evening. The night before last, some dark colored duns came to the screens. 36 hours later, they are molting … Continue reading

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Hex Spinner

At the moment, fishing is taking precedence over making reels. Actually, I am creating the next design, but this involves short intervals of drawing and long intervals of thinking about what I have drawn. Some of this thinking can be … Continue reading

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Brown Drake Spinner

The premier insect event on the North Branch of the Ausable is Brown Drake emergence and (3 days later) spinner fall. This year I have arrived at a satisfactory spinner pattern. Hook: 2X long #12 or #10 (Mustad 94831 or … Continue reading

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Brown Drakes

We had Brown Drake emergence on the local river the evenings of June 2 to 4. Lots of bugs in the air and on the water, but little obvious feeding activity by the trout. I fished with John, who reported … Continue reading

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Perfection Loop

Yesterday was a beautiful day so I decided to take a long downstream wade in the middle of the afternoon. This was after a morning morel hunt. Before starting out, I put new tippet on my leader. I use a … Continue reading

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Spool Capacity

When I designed my first reels, I intended to accomodate 5 weight lines. I set the spool capacity from measurements of some other reel, now forgotten. So yesterday I made some measurements on the line that I installed on the … Continue reading

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Furled Leader

This post isn’t about machining fly reels, but North Branch Reels is the only blog that I have.  This is about making furled leaders, a craft that takes less equipment and less skill than tying flies. Furled leaders have no … Continue reading

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