Brown Drakes

We had Brown Drake emergence on the local river the evenings of June 2 to 4. Lots of bugs in the air and on the water, but little obvious feeding activity by the trout. I fished with John, who reported getting strikes at the moment he was picking his parachute fly up off the water, as it momentarily dipped below. So next year I will tie a emerger version of the drake, probably as a soft hackle.
Last night the spinner falls began. From about 9:15 to 9:45 there were spent wing bugs on the water and active feeding. I was fishing a fly from a local shop and not getting takes; I think the #12 fly was too small. So I switched to a larger fly (12 or 10 long shank)and then got a fish.
The National Weather Service, Climate Prediction Center, reports that the Cooling Degree Days so far for this season are 47, as of June 4.

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