Hex Spinner

At the moment, fishing is taking precedence over making reels. Actually, I am creating the next design, but this involves short intervals of drawing and long intervals of thinking about what I have drawn. Some of this thinking can be done while “standing in a river, waving a stick”.

Here is the bug of the moment, Hexagenia limbata. The weather has been warm, so they are out about 2 weeks early. They appear on the mainstream and on the Manistee, but not here on the North Branch. I do hear reports that they emerge on Big Creek, a North Branch tributary.

This is my imitation.

Hook: 4x long streamer hook, size 6
Thread: heavy yellow
Tail: moose
Abdomen: long deer hair
Wings: long deer hair
Indicator: yellow foam

For the wing, I tie on a small bundle of hair pointing out over the eye. Then form outwards as two wings and secure with figure 8 wraps.

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2 Responses to Hex Spinner

  1. Jeff Turko says:

    Thats a good lookin’ Hex. They came off heavy here in Pittsburgh several weeks ago and they are still trickling off the river every night. The smallies don’t seem interested at all…or they can’t see them at night. Either way, its frustrating to have the surface littered with huge mayflies and no fish feeding. Hope you’re getting into some big browns up there.

  2. Great scale. Imitating life is one of the hardest things to achieve. Well done.

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