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Bronze Frame Reel – Rear End Plate

The rear end plate has many details. I have been making this from C544 bronze rod, but c360 brass flat bar could also be used. For the 3 weight reel, the ratchet gear is too small diameter to allow a … Continue reading

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Bronze Frame Reel – Front End Ring

The North Branch Reels metal shop is not yet back in operation after its relocation from Michigan to New Mexico. I have unpacked almost all the moving boxes and built two new workbenches. Here you see the mill on one … Continue reading

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Ferrule Tool Article

This article appears in the July/Aug 2015 issue of the newsletter The Planing Form. The originator of the newsletter, Ron Barch, has retired but the newsletter continues under Kirk Brumels. Ferrule Shrinking At the Grayrock 2014 gathering, I was quizzing … Continue reading

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Fitting Reel Foot to Seat

This is my presentation for Grayrock 2015, on the fit of a reel foot to a reel seat. For an earlier post on this same topic, see 28 July 2014. This presentation considers “cap and ring” seats like this, although … Continue reading

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Reel 37 Click Hardware

This is the last of the “Reel 37” drawings. A drill point dimple helps to distinguish the pawl pin from the two spring pins. The spring is easily bent with round nose pliers.

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Reel 37 Crank Hardware

These parts are all made from c792 nickel silver, a free machining alloy. The “cup” keeps tippet from getting wound around the knob pin.

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Reel 37 Pawl

The acetal pawl is slightly asymmetric so that line payout is at higher resistance than retrieval. In earlier reel designs I put a spacing washer between the pawl and backplate, but this little washer was difficult to make. Here the … Continue reading

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Reel 37 Bushing, Knob

The bushing is pressed into the spool, and rides on a .2500 inch diameter spindle. For a good running fit, I finish the bushing bore with a “standard” 6.4 mm (0.252 inch) reamer. This is a close enough fit that … Continue reading

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Reel 37 Spindle

I have been making spindles from stainless shaft material, which is pre-ground to an accurate diameter and smooth finish. The screw that secures the spool is of c792 nickel silver (12% Ni) which is an excellent free machining material.

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Reel 37 Spool

On fixed spindle reels like this, the knob and its counterweight attach directly to one face of the spool. So I have made the face flange thick enough to accept 4-40 screw threads. A step-by-step pictorial on making this part … Continue reading

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