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Alan’s Reels

Home shop machinist Alan has made these two reels from my plan set for “Fixed Spindle Reel”. The end plates of the spool are darker than on my reels; I think he may have dyed them instead of electrolytic coloring.

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Billy Pate Reel

I have borrowed this reel from a friend, who has it loaded with monofilament (?). It is a disc drag reel, more complex than the simple click pawl reels that I make. These are my notes for a possible future … Continue reading

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Greg’s Reels

Greg is a bamboo rod maker and Grayrock attendee. He has the plans for my first reel design, and has recently completed two examples. He even set up an anodizing cell and then dyed one of the part sets. I … Continue reading

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Meek 44

A friend recently bought this reel. It was missing 3 screws, two for the foot and one on the backplate. The foot was held on by two “rivets’ made from nails. I had to disassemble in order to get at … Continue reading

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Bronze Frame Reel

I made this reel for an acquaintance from the “Grayrock” rod builders meeting. It is really the same design as the Brass Frame Reel that I recently posted, but downsized for WF3F and 30 yards backing. It would also hold … Continue reading

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Meek 55

Local guide Sam collects and fishes Meek reels. This is model 55. It is 3 1/8 diameter and somewhat more than 1 inch wide. I believe that this is what is called a “leaded” finish. A latch bar pivots to … Continue reading

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Brass Frame Reel

This is my new model for 2014. It was designed to hold a WF5F and 60 yards backing. It weighs 5.1 ounces. Had the frame been aluminum, the weight would be less than 3 ounces. The spool is still aluminum, … Continue reading

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One Winter’s Production

A mix of sizes 2, 3, 4. Now I am ready to prototype next winter’s model.

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Reel 37 Plans

I have not made a post recently but I have been busy making reels. To keep the blog going, I will make a series of posts showing the several detail drawings. Lacking a name for this design, I will just … Continue reading

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Size 4 Reel, One Piece Frame & Spool

Just finished a reel for WF4F line. It is 2.53 inch diameter and 2.8 ounce weight. I will use it on the fiberglass rod that I recently built. This is just a larger version of the last reel that I … Continue reading

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