Meek 44

A friend recently bought this reel. It was missing 3 screws, two for the foot and one on the backplate.

The foot was held on by two “rivets’ made from nails. I had to disassemble in order to get at the nails. Then I made 3 new screws from 18% nickel silver. There is some discussion of screw slots here.

The new screws are shiny. Maybe they will look right in another 100 years.

Many parts have milgrain decoration.

The shaft, ratchet, pawl, and spring are magnetic. I assume the the two bushes are bronze. The rest may be nickel silver.

It weighs 6.6 oz. The end plates are 2.275 diameter, and the pillars are 1.00 long. The spool end plates are just 1.625 diameter, clearly meant for a silk line.

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  1. Fred Balling says:

    A bit of flame treating will oxidize the NS to black, then hand polishing will lighten it some.

    The winding arm is the first I have seen in this particular form with the dogleg and waisted counter arm. All the others had a straight edged counter arm.

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