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Fixtures for Spool End

After deciding that the expanding mandrel (previous post) was inadequate, I started thinking about ways to support the spool end blank at its rim. Axial runout must be minimized. This is what I made and think works well. Here you … Continue reading

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Expanding Mandrel

I machine my spool ends (vs. spinning or forming) and it is something of a problem to hold them so that all surfaces can be cut. On seven reels to date, I have clamped the 0.75 diameter back side hub … Continue reading

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I have been trying to make the rather complex end plates for my aluminum frame reels (blog entry of 10 Aug 2011), but having serial failures. So I decided to take a break and make some really straightforward parts, the … Continue reading

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Spool Capacity

When I designed my first reels, I intended to accomodate 5 weight lines. I set the spool capacity from measurements of some other reel, now forgotten. So yesterday I made some measurements on the line that I installed on the … Continue reading

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Spool Ends

Spool ends are a straightforward lathe-made part, if the design allows grip by a 3 jaw chuck. My design has a recess on the back side that lets the jaws grip in either the normal or reversed position. I use … Continue reading

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Loctite Assembly of Spool

My first reel design has a multi-part spool: anodized aluminum for the spool ends and copper alloy (bronze) for the shaft. I could have saved weight by using an aluminum shaft, but I could not reconcile myself to having aluminum … Continue reading

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