Wire Bending

Here is the latest variation on my reel click design.

I have used this basic pattern for a long time. The spring is a round wire and the pawl has a groove that acts as a cam against it. Click strength is not adjustable after the reel is assembled. (Not really true, you can always adjust the wire bends.)
For small trout reels, there is perhaps no need to bias the click for higher strength in the outgoing direction, but I have been doing it anyway. At first, I was making the pawl asymmetric. Later, I made the pawl symmetric but made one spring pin larger diameter than the other. In this third variation, the pawl is symmetric and the two pins are the same diameter, but the spring has asymmetry. Changing a reel from right hand to left hand wind is now just a matter of reversing the spring.

Here is the final form of the spring. It is “stainless music wire, spring temper”. The bends at the ends snap into grooves on the spring posts. The reverse bend makes the click asymmetric.

To produce springs the are consistent, I needed a fixture for making the bends.

This is the fixture, an aluminum block fitted with several steel pins. It also has some scribed lines that serve as guides.

The first bend is an angle of 98 degrees. I want it to have a .094 inch inner radius, but am bending around a .125 inch diameter pin because there will be spring-back.

Not shown in this photo is a second aluminum block that helps me push on the wire; it shows in the next two photos.

Bend 2 is the reverse kink that makes the spring asymmetric.

And here is the final bend, again around a pin somewhat smaller that the desired inner radius.

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