Using the Ferrule Shrink Tool

I have started selling the ferrule shrinking tool again. If you are interested, see my blog page:
Ferrule Shrinking

My experience with the tool is recorded in two blog posts:
Ferrule Shrinking
Ferrule Tool Article

Recently Chris purchased a tool and provided commentary. Following is our Email exchange.

Hi Dave.
Got the tool yesterday. Looks good and operates very smoothly.
Question: being super careful, can one adjust the ferrule ON THE ROD? Thought I would ask before I ruin something.

Yes, use it on the rod.
Good point, I should say this somewhere in my blog articles.

Dynamite. I have a very specific rod in mind.

Hi Dave.
Just finished my first set of ferrules with the tool. It took some work to figure out the best approach and if I did it again, I’d get some scrap ferrules or just tubing to practice on, but I just went for it. Once you go past hand pressure (difficult to keep going by hand on small screw heads) it’s REAL easy to go too far with an Allen key. And, you gotta be real careful of the welt if it is soldered on. Ask me how I know! Anyway, after figuring all that out, I got the hang of it and I got a near perfect fit with one male. And then I realized, “Hey, it’s still too loose on the other one!” Doh! 🙂 I didn’t really think about this from the start. The rod came to me used and the two males had different fits with the female. One is loose enough that it twists during fishing. Like an idiot, I started with the tighter one. Do over. So, first thing I did is get the looser male to as perfectly parallel sided and round as I reasonably could using a mic good for 0.00005″. I chose to fit a male first in case there was a chance of making the female fit non-parallel. Having a really good male to test with would avoid this problem. I don’t have any gauge pins, though I guess I could have turned down some brass stock. Anyway, then I refit the female a second time with your tool. Now from experience: test fit, test fit, test fit. Then the second male. The whole thing is nearly perfect now. Better than the fit I’ve received on some new rods and better than this rod has ever gone together. This happens to be one of those micro ferrules in the Super Z style, ultra short. Not sure if that is easier or harder, but it’s WAY better than it was. So, thank you very much for making this available. I can see it being used many times and I believe it has paid for itself already vs. taking a ferrule off (if you can), replacing with new ferrules or at least males, refitting both cane and metal, re-gluing, re-wrapping and varnishing, let alone shipping to the maker for repair.

In case you are writing instructions in the future, maybe some of this is helpful for someone with zero experience with similar tools?

Thanks again,

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