The Motion Controller

I have purchased the motion controller and stepper driver for my engraver.

The two boards are KFLOP and KSTEP from They communicate together by a 26 line ribbon cable, and controller KFLOP talks to a PC console by USB.

What I find remarkable about the stepper driver is that the power devices have no conventional heat sinks. Each SO-8 package here contain two FETS. There are 8 H-bridges to run 4 steppers.

KSTEP can be jumper programmed to run a motor as large as 5 amps. My steppers are NEMA 17 size and rated 1.5 amps.

Dynomotion, free of charge, provides all the software needed for CNC operations.

Program “Kmotion” is used for system setup and provides the integrated environment for C programming. Program “KmotionCNC” is the controller that runs G code. Programming in C is not really needed; the setup established with Kmotion screens is saved (as a machine written C program) to initialize the controller at each power-up.
The Dynomotion proprietor is a California resident and is quite pro-active in answering all questions by Email, Yahoo Group, or CNC Zone forum. No Chinglish interpretation needed.

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