Mill Enclosure

When I first got my Sherline mill, I put it in a large tote to help contain the chips that are thrown in all directions.

I screwed the mill base to a piece of laminate covered shelving, which was not very heavy. Vibration of the mill has always been a problem; axis locks are likely to vibrate loose.

Now I have made a new enclosure of 3/4 inch MDF. The enclosure is heavier than the mill, and vibration is greatly reduced.

I should have done this a long time ago.

The sloping front panel is a piece of Lexan (polycarbonate) that lifts away while I am making setups.

You can see here a narrow Lexan “shelf” that keeps chips from escaping through the two hand access ports.

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2 Responses to Mill Enclosure

  1. Keenan says:

    It’s difficult to appreciate the mess potential these tools have until you run one without any guards. Weeks later, you are finding metal/plastic shavings in places you know good and well the machine was never even at. It’s like a physical experiment of entropy.

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